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Who loves you, baby?

Ashley PogueComment

Growing up, I had no idea how tough it is to be a mom to a teenage girl (a girl of any age, really). I still have no first-hand experience, but I certainly have a lot more appreciation! Girls are fragile and fierce all at the same time; trying to raise one is a balancing act that would terrify that guy that tight roped across the Grand Canyon last year.

 Like so many mommies out there, mine is the best my sister and I could have asked for (though she will yell at me for ending that sentence in a preposition). Her love and support is never ending and judgment free.

One thing that makes my mom so fabulous is how special she makes us feel on our birthday. I still wear a crown, boa, sash, obnoxious necklaces and, of course, special Birthday Girl koozies! I might look like I'm turning 4, but that's alright with me! Everyone gets to celebrate holidays together, but a birthday is the one day a year that everyone gets to celebrate YOU!! My mom has always done a super job of making us feel like we're on top of the world on our birthday! And whenever we thank her or ask how we got so lucky to have a mom like her... the reply is simply, "who loves you, baby?".


While my mom is the best… I know there are millions of other fabulous mommies out there that deserve some recognition too! Tell us what makes your mom special and you could win matching mommy-daughter rings!!!


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