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The Keys to a Good Vacation!

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When it comes to summertime in Florida, a little Keys vaca is always a must!! It covers a multitude of vacationing needs! Food, wildlife, booze, boating, sunrising, and sunsetting! A week never seems like enough... but if you only have a weekend, it's still worth the trip!

Hope you like seafood!

Mahi Mahi are plentiful down there. You can order a dolphin sandwich and feel pretty confident that fish was swimming yesterday! Or you can catch it yourself and grill it right on the boat in the middle of the ocean! 


If you're looking for a little fried treat, the Lobster Bites at Sunset Grille on Marathon never disappoint! Also, the Conch Fritters from Sparky's Landing in Key Colony Beach were recommended by a fellow Silly Girl... and boy was she right! Fried to perfection and loaded with conch ;)     

Vacation = No Diet, right?!?

No shortage on wildlife!

For the Bambi lovers, there's the Key Deer on Big Pine Key. Deer just roam around the streets picking treats out of peoples yards and waiting for someone to stop and take their picture (or ask for directions to No Name Pub)!

For the country folk, there are Roosters that strut the land down there. And by land, I mean typically gas stations. Odd but true.

And for the reptile people, Iguanas also wander freely... like so free, they're not scared of you. At all. I was laying in the sun snoozing, only to open my eyes to find a creepy creature sunning himself about 4 feet away. Not cool. I went the long way to the bathroom.

 In short, make sure you always have a camera, it's like a tropical safari!

Hmm... they all seem to be going the same way... wonder what that's about?!?

Hmm... they all seem to be going the same way... wonder what that's about?!?

You Can't Drink All Day if You Don't Start in the Morning!

... It is vacation, after all! Even if you do spend a little time working; spirits increase the spirits! You have to venture to Big Pine Key to visit the No Name Pub... but you better ask for good directions! Their slogan is "A Nice Place If You Can Find It". It was built in 1936 and I'm pretty sure the 78 years of dollar bill wallpaper that's posted on the walls is definitely a fire hazard! Guess the Fire Marshall must not know where to find it ;)

Notice the superior seahorse drawing abilities...

Notice the superior seahorse drawing abilities...

Down in Key West there's bars on bars on bars... but of course you have to stop for a Hurricane at Fat Tuesdays! It may be a little touristy... but I've been called worse things! Then grab a beer from The Porch for a much more laid-back, local experience. They have a huge selection of craft beers and... my favorite, bar games!

Sunrise! Suntan! Sunset! REPEAT

The Florida Keys is a special place because you can easily catch a Sunrise, spend the day lounging, not driving or flying to the other coast. Then, low and behold, view a gorgeous Sunset!!

Sunrise is beautifully captured on the water, if you're lucky enough to be woken up before dawn to go fishing ;)


For Sunset, you'll want to catch the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square in Key West. Just don't go in the rain like we did! Haha. Impressive (odd) street performers and psychics make for interesting people watching, if nothing else. Another good spot for a sunset is the bar at the Keys Fisheries.. They rename it every year! You can enter your idea for the bar name for a $1 donation to a local daycare. I LOVE naming things!!!


Of course, no vacation is every really work free. So we used the beautiful scenery to take some new pictures of our pretty jewels. We're working diligently to get them all online, but in the meantime here's a sneak peek! What do you think??



Sincerely Silly,