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Practically Imperfect in Every Way

Ashley PogueComment

Being a Type A person, I struggle with perfection... Though struggle seems too benign of a word... Sometimes it's downright debilitating.

If I feel that I can't tackle a project with an A+ end result, I usually procrastinate until the last possible moment. At least then, when the result is not exemplary, I can blame it on the fact that I was in a rush. Now if that's not backward thinking, I don't know what is!

This was the problem that I had with the Angi Ring. When I first started showing the collection to friends and family I was almost ashamed of the rings. Not one of them was made the same way. Each wire wrap was slightly different from ring to ring. Even different from one side to another!

Angi Rings stacked in Flirty Flamingo, Clear Skies, & Cool Caribbean

Angi Rings stacked in Flirty Flamingo, Clear Skies, & Cool Caribbean

I found myself apologizing for the rings not being exactly alike. Offering to make another one for people so they had two rings that matched perfectly. But no one else seemed to be bothered. As a matter of fact, they loved the individuality of each piece.

Angi Rings in Deep Blue Sea

Angi Rings in Deep Blue Sea

The rings began flying off the shelves and quickly became a best seller! Pictures came in of people loving their rings! Buying them as best friend rings (so cute!)

Photo cred to Wendy B.

Photo cred to Wendy B.

Love my Silly bling, everyday!
— Wendy B. via Facebook

And so with each day that I wear my (now) two favorite rings, Off Shore White and Clear Skies, I remember that beauty isn't perfection. And perfection isn't beauty.

We need to work on being kinder to others and ourselves! What makes us different makes us beautiful! ... and the same goes for handmade jewelry ;)

I mean, even Mary Poppins was only practically perfect!

Sincerely Silly,